Degree Requirements

The requirements listed below are specific to the Sociology Department Free Standing special to this department and must be read in conjunction with the general requirements of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Students submit the MA thesis proposal within the Thesis Seminar and to their Faculty Adviser for approval by the end of the first semester. The MA thesis must be completed and submitted within the Thesis Seminar and to the Faculty Adviser by the end of the second semester.

Students are required to register for two Residence Units and to complete courses totaling at least 30 points with a grade point average of 3.00 or above. The required courses must be taken for a letter grade (20 points total) unless otherwise established by instructors. Electives may be taken for a letter grade, R or P/F credit. For more information on grading options, please refer to Grading Policy Handbook. We permit students to study part time on a case-by-case basis.

Students wishing to take courses outside of the department need advance approval from the Masters Program Coordinator, Denise Milstein ([email protected]).

The courses and points are distributed as follows:

Sociological Theory (4 points)

Thesis Seminar I (3 points)

Field Work (1 point)

One elective in sociology (3 points)

Pro-seminar I (meets bi-weekly) (1 point)

additionally two elective courses should be taken.

Methods Workshop (4 points)

Thesis Seminar II (3 points)

Field Work II (1 point)

Two electives in Sociology (6 points)

Pro-seminar II (meets bi-weekly) (1 point)