MA Departmental Research Assistant Program 

MA students interested in developing their own research in collaboration with faculty can be hired as Departmental Research Assistants (DRA).  DRA’s are expected to devote up to 5 hours per week to this type of activity, which may involve participation in all different phases of research, from data gathering, to analysis, to copyediting/writing.

Compensation is $2,000 per academic year.


1. Contact faculty member with whom you would be interested in working and express your interest. You can offer to do specific types of work (literature review support, coding, background research, etc.) or leave it open.

2. If faculty member is willing, meet to discuss the work that you might do together.

3. Ask the faculty member to write a description of the work you will be doing (5 hours a week max.) and send it to Denise Milstein and Teresa Aguayo.

4. Teresa Aguayo will be in contact to set up your academic appointment.