The Directory of Classes lists most courses available to you as a Masters Student. For courses at Teachers College, please refer to their independent course listing. You may take courses numbered 4000 and above.

Here is a key to the prefix and numbering system that will help you understand which courses are open to you:

Joint undergraduate and graduate courses – UG prefix; 4000s. These are advanced courses geared toward undergraduate students available to graduate students or geared toward both undergraduate and graduate students

Courses for graduate students – GR prefix, or G and another letter.  Courses in the 5000s denote MAO only courses. Courses in the 6000s denote survey/core/graduate level introductory courses. Courses in the 8000s are advanced graduate courses. Finally, courses in the 9000s are Independent Study courses. Independent Study courses are rare among MA students. Students may take Independent Study courses with a faculty member only after getting consent from the faculty member and coming to agreement about the course of study and requirements.

Thesis Seminar I and II

Pro-Seminar I and II

Field Work I and II

Sociological Theory

Methods Workshop